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This package includes three deer hunting essentials that every hunter needs. Just let us know what name you want in the draw. Stay comfy in your tree stand, and we'll handle the rest. 


Deceiver Call 

The Hunters Specialties Deceiver Grunt Call uses an Easy-Slide Sound Adjustment to go from Mature Buck Grunts all the way to Fawn Bleats. The rubber-like soft grip keeps the call quiet while not in use and aids in handling in extreme temperatures. The expandable bellow and ergonomic cone work together to create the most realistic sounds in the woods.


  • Deceiver Grunt Call
  • Easy-Slide Sound Adjustment
  • Fawn Bleats, Doe Bleats, Young Buck Grunts and Mature Buck Grunts
  • Expandable bellow for realistic tonal inflections
  • Soft grip for quiet, comfortable use
  • Includes lanyard


Stretch-fit Full Mask Black

Primos stretch-fit facemasks are great for warm-weather hunts. They fit like a second layer of skin and will not get in the way of drawing or anchoring your bow. For masks that totally conceal your face and neck while keeping you comfortable during warm early-season hunts choose our stretch-fit masks. Designed for warm or cold weather hunts. Wicks moisture away from skin.



Synthetic Buc Rut w/ Wicks 59 mL

For areas where natural urines are not allowed, Buck Bomb BucRut imitates fresh urine collected from bucks that are at least 3.5 years old. As the same scent that is found in the Synthetic BucRut Bomb, BucRut will boost the drawing power of your mock scrapes, particularly during the pre-rut and peak rut period when bucks are most aggressive and territorial.

BucRut urine is the most efficient and effective way to trigger dominant behavior in mature bucks from the pre-rut through the peak of the breeding period. The easy-to-use dropper bottle contains premium mature buck scent that is perfect for use with the Buck Bomb Detonator retractable scent wick (sold separately) or with the included spike wicks.

Whitetail synthetic scents also available in Doe ‘N Estrus, Doe “P”, Scrape Generator and Forehead Gland.


  • Synthetic BucRut scent imitates fresh deer urine collected from bucks at least 3.5 years old
  • Boosts drawing power of mock scrapes from pre-rut through peak rut
  • Triggers dominant behavior in mature bucks


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