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Article number: MP53056DMI
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Purpose-built for the competitive and advanced shooter, the Match Pro ED greatly expands on what the original Match Pro brought to the market.

First off, we expanded the magnification range from 5x all the way up to a class-leading 30x to give you the advantage in the field or on the circuit. Next, we increased the objective lens to massive 56mm and made it out of Extra-Low Dispersion Prime (ED) glass to wring every bit of sharpness and contrast out of the optical system without having any target-blurring colour fringing. Of course, to give you an almost-unfair advantage during adverse weather matches, we finished off the glass with our unbeatable EXO Barrier to shed rain, snow and dust off the lenses to keep your view clear when other riflescopes would be blurred.

You asked, and we listened - the Match Pro ED now has our Easy Set zero stop to get you back down to zero quickly and accurately. Next, the Match Pro has legendary tracking reliability and accuracy, and the Match Pro ED carries on that legacy but with a greatly expanded range of travel with its new 34mm maintube. It now has 30 MRAD (103 MOA) of elevation travel to make sure you can go the distance on the furthest of targets. The windage travel is now 14.5 MRAD to counter for wind drift at those distances. Both the elevation and windage turrets have big bold digits for ease of reading, and both are locking so you won't have inadvertent adjustments on a stage. On top of that, you won't lose track of which revolution you're on with the elevation thanks to the 2 stage Rev-Indicator.

The Match Pro ED features illumination so the all-new Deploy MIL 2 (DM2) etched glass reticle will always be visible no matter the ambient light or conditions and you'll be able to see that hard-hit steel against a dark background when others can't. With 11 brightness settings and a 6 hour timer to increase battery life, you won't open up your rifle case to a dead battery anymore. The DM2 reticle is based off our highly popular Deploy MIL but updated to be a .2 MRAD or 2/10 reticle and is illuminated for 10 MRAD of vertical grid.

The Match Pro has always been a centrefire rated riflescope, and it still is - But it's perfect for rimfire use like NRL22 and PRS Rimfire due to its short 15 yard parallax side focus.

The Match Pro ED now features a removable 3 position power change lever that can be configured for left or right handed shooters, can be put in a neutral position, or can be simply left off if needed. It's included in the box along with a filler-screw for when you don't want the lever in position. We're also including a 2.5 inch long sunshade with forward internal threads for 3rd party accessories, and a multi-tool for the turret caps and power change lever.

New 5-30x56 Configuration

The Match Pro ED now has an expanded magnification range of 5-30x and has an oversized 56mm objective lens to gather large amounts of light and give the competitor a large eyebox to quickly get a perfect sight picture.

All-New Illuminated Deploy MIL 2 Reticle

The Match Pro ED features an all-new DM2 reticle that's a 2/10 MRAD tree reticle, and it has illumination with 11 brightness settings and a battery-saver feature to shut off automatically after 6 hours of run time if the setting hasn't been adjusted. Other new reticle features include refined and staggered line weights, bisected hashes, terminated hold-under for clearer field of view, and milling section for fine target measurement.

Bold Turrets, Accurate Tracking

The locking turrets on the Match Pro ED have big bold lettering so you can easily see the digits quickly. A positive grip on the turrets is now achieved with the raised and flared crown to eliminate losing grip under stress. The Match Pro is known for out-of-the-box tracking accuracy and reliability, and the Match Pro ED carries this forward.

15 Yard Parallax

We needed to keep Match Pro ED as relevant on the rimfire range as it is on the centrefire range - so we gave it a close 15 yard parallax ability so you can dominate in NRL22 and PRS Rimfire.

IPX7 Waterproof & Exclusive EXO Barrier

The Match Pro ED is IPX7 Waterproof and fogproof, and the precision ground ED Prime Glass is topped with our exclusive EXO Barrier.You've seen what a ceramic coating can do for your vehicle, and EXO Barrier is like a ceramic coating for your glass except it's baked on in a vapor deposition chamber - and permanent. This means that when rain, snow, or dirt come into play, you'll be able to see when the competition can't.

Easy Set Elevation Zero Stop & Rev-Indicator

Getting back to your zero is fast, reliable and accurate now thanks to the Easy-Set zero stop on the Match Pro ED. Tracking the elevation knob revolution count is simple thanks to the visible and tactile Rex-Indicator that shows red on the second rotation, and stainless steel on the third - No more sending rounds over a target because you're on the wrong rotation.


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