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Article number: CAL-1096103
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The Caldwell Target Turner is ready for any level of marksman. Whether you're a first-time shooter or advanced marksman, the Target Turner is perfect for you. With a variety of speeds, you can sharpen your skills over and over again with the switch of a button. Whether you're training for self-defense or plinking with friends and family, the Target Turner is designed with you in mind. PRESENTS AND HIDES TARGET FOR INTERACTIVE SHOOTING AND TRAINING WITH AN ADJUSTABLE SPEED FROM 1 SECOND TO 6 SECONDS INCLUDES REUSABLE TARGET BACKER FOR TARGETS UP TO 12"X18" AND ACCEPTS ALL IDPA, IPSC AND NRA ACTION PISTOL CARDBOARD TARGETS POWERED BY 8 AA BATTERIES AND HAS AN AVERAGE BATTERY LIFE OF 8 HOURS TRI-LEG STAND QUICKLY COLLAPSES INTO INCLUDED CARRY BAG FOR TRANSPORTATION AND HAS A RAPID SETUP OF LESS THAN 60 SECONDS LOWER CENTER-OF-GRAVITY AND STAKE-HOLES ALLOW THE TURNER TO OPERATE EVEN IN HIGH WIND CONDITIONS
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