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Style, innovation, research, and passion come together in the birth of the New Zillion SV TW. With 40 years of research and experience in magnetic braking systems, we have now added a brand new SV Booster System that gives you all the control you know and love from our SV Concept, now with the added benefit of longer casting distance. Also featuring our brand new Hyper Drive Design for an ultra-smooth retrieve and powerful winding performance. Our Hyper Drive Design is comprised of four key technologies - Hyper Drive Digigear, Hyper Double Support, Hyper Armed Housing and Hyper Tough Clutch.

  • HyperDrive Digigear
    • A brand-new gear design makes the teeth of the gears more efficient at transferring power, therefore making the gear set feel smoother, more powerful and also reducing gear noise
  • Hyper Double Support
    • A two bearing support system for the reel's pinion gear means no flex and an ultra smooth retrieve/gear rotation
  • Hyper Armed Housing
    • The reel features an aluminum frame and sideplate for maximum rigidity and precision performance of the internal components
  • Hyper Tough Clutch
    • A redesigned and reinforced clutch mechanism increases durability and performance
  • Aluminum Body
    • Lightweight and incredibly strong, aluminum allows strength and weightlessness to be achieved without the cost and corrosion issues of other metals
  • Hyper Drive Design
    • New design concepts are the pinnacle of durability and innovation. The Hyper Drive Design consists of four new elements: Hyper Armed Housing, Hyper Drive Digigear, Hyper Double Support, Hyper Tough Clutch
  • SV Booster System
    • The latest iteration of our innovative SV Concept, the SV Booster System is a two stage SV braking system. The casting control you have come to know and love from our SV System, now with the added benefit of increased casting distance
  • TWS
    • Daiwa's revolutionary T-Wing System addresses the issue of traditional line guide/level wind systems constricting line flow by delivering a T-Shaped line guid that is larger, wider and less restrictive. TWS allows line to exit freely from the spool with minimal line angle and minimal friction, thereby reducing line noise and backlash, and delivering more accurate and longer casts

These features combine to make the new Zillion SV TW a peak example of design, function and innovation.




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