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Article number: H001GG
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The Henry Garden Gun is one that belongs right by your side as soon as you walk out the front door to start the day's chores. Tuck it next to the seat of your tractor or riding mower and have it at the ready for when something slithers into view through the grass, dispatch those barn-dwelling birds without dispatching the barn around them, or exterminate the mice that are turning your garden into a buffet. This smoothbore lever action is a workhorse that belongs in a toolbox just as much as a gun safe.

Using shotshell with a rifled barrel spreads the shot pattern too wide to be effective and damages the rifling over time, which is why our Garden Gun features an 18.5" round blued steel barrel that is void of any rifling, providing the perfect platform for slinging .22 LR shotshell projectiles in a tight pattern. And with a 15 round capacity there is plenty to go around.

The black ash furniture provides a rugged look and sets this shotgun apart from the otherwise very similar Classic Lever Action .22. A blued steel hammer, lever and trigger are at the heart of the exceptionally smooth action, which you must feel to believe. The adjustable rear sight and blade front sight provide all the accuracy you could need for the short-range shots that the Garden Gun is intended for. At a mere 5.25 lbs and a compact overall length of 36.5" this is a trim package for grab-and-go convenience.

When your pests are all gone you just might find yourself asking the neighbors if you can help with theirs.

Important: Before taking any action to control or dispatch pests, it is crucial to consult any wildlife protection laws that affect your area. Compliance with these laws is essential to avoid legal penalties, fines, and ensure the conservation of biodiversity. If you are unsure about the legal status of a species, consult your local wildlife authorities.



Model Number H001GG Action Type Lever Action
Caliber .22 LR Shotshell Capacity 15 rounds
Barrel Length 18.5" Barrel Length Round Blued Steel
Rate of Twist N/A Overall Length 36.5"
Weight 5.25 lbs Receiver Finish Black
Rear Sight Fully Adjustable Front Sight Blade
Scopeability 3/8" Grooved Receiver Scope Mount Type Ringmounts for 3/8" Groove
Stock Material Black Ash Length of Pull 14"
Safety 1/4 Cock Best Uses Target/Hunting/Small Game
Embellishments Smooth bore, no rifling    


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