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The UltraRest Integrate R2 has expanded the Integrate Mounting System revolution, making the berger button hole a thing of the past. We have packed all the best features from our popular HDX model into a sleek, lightweight profile that fits the IMS.

Machined Aluminum Launcher

By no means was quality overlooked when crafting this rest, right down to the intricate launcher machined from high-grade aircraft aluminum.

Capture Bar

Once your arrow is nocked and the launcher is cocked to the capture position (80 degrees), the capture bar ensures that your arrow will never fall off the rest. No matter how you turn your bow to get into the perfect shooting position, you can be sure the capture bar will keep your arrow on the rest and ready to draw.

Thumbwheel Lever

Use the convenient thumbwheel lever to rotate the launcher to the arrow capture position (80 degrees) while nocking your arrow. The lever will also return the launcher to the drop away position (0 degrees) without firing the bow. Simply push the thumbwheel forward to rotate launcher to full draw position (90 degrees) and continue pushing forward as you slide your thumb off the thumbwheel lever.

Timing Cord

Manufactured with a tight braid and .078" diameter, this ultra-durable cord resists stretching. Pre-cut and burned for easy installation, the timing cord ensures you maintain perfect timing for top arrow accuracy.

Full Draw Marks

The full draw indicator marks are a helpful aid in timing the rest. At full draw, indicator marks should be in the same location as when the launcher has been manually rotated to 90 degrees.

Arrow Containment

When nocking an arrow, cock the ULTRAREST into the arrow capture position via the thumbwheel and then forget it. Once the arrow is loaded it will keep it silent and fully contained! Now you can focus on that shot of a lifetime instead of worrying about the arrow.

Locking Screw

Loosen for quick micro-tuning and precise accuracy. Once you have the perfect tune, lock down this single screw and never worry about the rest being bumped out of position.

Velocity Drop-Away Technology

When the bow is fired, the launcher drops away. VDT using speed and timing, NOT interia, passes the capture position and continues to the drop away position. This guarantees total fletching clearance and the most accurate shot possible.

Easy Clamp Technology

No serving or bow press is required for setup with this clamp. The clamp is small, light and simple to use. It is also stronger and more durable than ever before. Simple setup, whether in the shop or in the field.

Lock Down Technology

When the launcher falls, it locks down in the drop-away position. This guarantees no bounce back and total fletching clearance. It also allows for higher spring tension and clearance on bows shot at over 400 fps.

Anti Vibration Technology

Reduces noise and vibration, making it one of the quietest drop-aways on the market. Also the laser cult felt provides a deadly silent draw.


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