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Just like you, our world's most advanced bolt action rifles evolve and improve to be even smoother, lighter and accurate to fit your journey. The Sako 90 is the ultimate rifle series reborn to enhance your experiences in the wild. The supreme companion for your journeys, developed together with you - the hunter.

Focus on the journey. To all those remarkable moments in the nature that take your breath away. Focus on your senses. They help you understand and perceive the world around you - to be truly aware of the things surrounding you. To experience exceptional things, you must put yourself in exceptional places. In the nature you can truly be reborn.

The Sako 90 Adventure takes usability and practically to a whole new level. The adjustable fiberglass stock and Tungsten Cerakote-coated stainless steel action make the rifle durable in any condition and offer high-level ergonomics for many hunting disciplines.

The lightness of the rifle makes it easy to carry, the wide selection of calibers makes it usable for most game animals and the material technology solutions used ensure reliability in any environment. The rigidity and accuracy of the rifle are further improved by adding carbon fiber reinforcements around the receiver and bedding surfaces.

Sako Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Fiberglass Stock for Extreme Lightness

The extremely robust, solid and light stock includes carbon fiber reinforcements around the receiver and recoil lug. The 360 Fiberglass mesh brings rigidity, and the adjustable cheek piece ensures perfect shooting ergonomics.

The Sako Cold Hammer Forged Barrel

Cold Hammer forged (CHF) barrels provide out-of-the-box accuracy that lasts longer. All Sako 90 rifles feature match-grade cold hammer forged barrels.

The Legendary Sako Bolt Action Experienced With a Picatinny Receiver

The most reliable, field-tested and proven bolt on the market - to ensure maximum safety and robust push-feed operation. The Picatinny receiver offers a machined-in Picatinny interface for flexible optics mounting and repeatable accuracy.

The Multi-Adjustable Sako 90 Trigger Mechanism

Offers user the choice between five different weight-of-pull settings without disassembling the rifle. The trigger blade position is also adjustable.

Durability Through Material and Coating Solutions

Reliability, rigidity and durability is what the Sako 90 Adventure is all about. The carefree glass fiber stock has a durable coating that offers protection against the elements. The stainless steel barreled action has been coated with Tungsten Cerakote for ultimate protection against the elements and mechanical wear resistance.

Texturized Surface Guarantees a Perfect Grip in all Conditions

The stock of the Sako 90 Adventure has an all-over texturized coating. In addition, the pistol grip and forend have been equipped with a special rubberized surface.


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